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  • 2011-2016 Super Duty LED Headlights


    These 2011-2016 Ford Super Duty headlights are custom fabricated featuring color changing halos that can be changed to any color you want using our color change remote that is included in the price of these headlights. Sold as a set.

    New Aftermarket Headlight Housings are included

    Chrome & Black Trim will come with Amber side Reflectors.  

    If you want something different then whats listed above, please contact us.

    ***Shipping charge of $50 on all headlight sets which includes insurance on our product***


    *Please allow up to 6 weeks build time to receive products*

                               Warranty Information

    All Builds come backed up with a 1 year warranty on all parts and craftsmanship. Warranty does not cover the headlight/taillight housings themselves. Warranty will not be covered for improper installation. PROFFESSIONAL INSTALLATION IS RECOMMENDED. In the event that you have a faulty part, try to troubleshoot the issue first before contacting us. It can simply be a bad ballast or bulb. In that case swap parts from the good side to the bad side to figure out what part is bad. Retro Customz LLC reserves the right to have any bad part inspected and tested to determine if the defect was due to failure or customer installation error. Customer must send back defective products first before a new one is sent out. Customers are responsible for all shipping charges to and from for any warranty related issues. There are no refunds on any custom made builds.  

    If you are experiencing any issues with the color changing products ONLY swap the drivers to the corresponding side and same size halo. The Drivers and receiver are NOT waterproof. Please mount drivers and receiver in a cool dry place. DO NOT stack drivers on top of each other or zip tie them to other wires. They do get a little warm which is normal and need space to dissipate heat. The drivers and receiver have screw mounts, take advantage of them.

    After Troubleshooting any issues and are still experiencing a problem you may contact us directly for assistance. We will do our best to solve the issue. Once the issue is determined we will ask you to remove the defective part and send it back to us for testing and replacement.

    If you are experiencing and moisture related issues it may occur the first 1-2 weeks. It is normal since the product was opened and exposed to different temperatures they need time to adjust in your environment. If you are still having issues after the first couple weeks please check all rubber boots and bulb sockets that they are properly installed. If all that checks out fine they may need to be re- sealed. Any repairs within the 1 year warranty are free of charge other than the shipping to and from us. Repairs may take up to 1-2 weeks depending on the issue.

    If you have any question or issues with you order, please feel free to give us a call/text or email at any time. Be sure to tag and text us install pictures so we can post on our IG and website.



    Products are to be used for Off-Road use only. In no event will Retro Customz LLC be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, consequential or compensatory, arising out of the use of this product. The disclaimer is there to protect us against any user-error while installing or using our products. Installing any of our products you agree to these terms!