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100MM LED Halos


100mm RGB Halo kits are without a doubt one of the most eye catching mods you can add to your vehicle. Most companies halos feature resistors on the back of the ring. In time if one of these resistors were to go out they take out 3 LEDs with them! LEDs out in the headlight means you have to reopen the headlights and that's never fun. These halos don’t have resistors on the back of the ring, but instead they are encased inside a small metal driver box which gets mounted under your hood. If a problem were to ever occur a simple swap of this product from under the hood makes for a quick fix!

This product does require a remote to fully operate all possible colors and functions. Please select a remote from the drop down menu if you do not already have one!

***Shipping charge of $5 on controllers which includes insurance on our product***